Guaranteed one-click privacy friendly login and sign up

Meet the login provider that truly cares about your privacy.
Sign up and login to a variety of different services with one-click only. Passwords are a thing of the past.


Common Entry allows users to create accounts on different websites using one-click only, thanks to a centralised Common Entry account.

When you click a sign in with Common Entry button, Common Entry will generate, provide, and store all data needed for the registration - including email, password, and address. We don’t partner with anyone who requires anything more than one-click.

Our belief is that passwords are insecure, easily guessed, frequently hacked, and offer weak security. With Common Entry, you are never required to use a password. To login, simply click the “magic link” we’ve sent to your email address or phone number.


Maintains Privacy


Saves Time


No More Passwords

Privacy is everything

Unlike other one-click login providers, Common Entry is privacy-centric. We respect your right to keep your information private, and only store your email address. We can’t sell, trade or even access your personal data, thanks to our end-to-end encryption.

Your data can only be decrypted by you, and provided directly to the service you are signing up to. We only share the data you want us to, and only use cookies to keep you signed into Common Entry, not to track you.

For each website you sign up to, we generate a random email and a super strong password.


Alerts you can count on

Common Entry can send alerts each time you login to a service. We also keep track of all large hacks and data leaks. If your data ever appears on a publicly available list, we’ll automatically reset your randomly generated email and password for that service, with no interruption to you.

If we detect a non Common Entry login, we will notify you by SMS and temporarily suspend logins to Common Entry services. Phone and backup code logins will continue to function, and once we verify your email has been reset, you can continue to login using magic links.

We’re raising money to ensure complex
sign up & passwords are a thing of the past.

Common Entry has partnered with Reputation Statement to allow users to verify themselves. You can sign up to services that require compliance information, without directly sharing sensitive information with the company.